Downloaded Page Settings

I’ve downloaded an Unbounce page from my employer and have placed it in my account. When I opened the page and tried to upload an image, the page displayed media from the person who gave me the page. He had given me one prior and it was fine. It seems the one he gave me prior automatically switched to my settings where this one didn’t. I don’t know how to fix that.

Hey @Tom_Bruner :slight_smile:

Do you mean it imported the media files from that page to your library OR it imported ALL of his account media files?

When I tried to get an image, his media was there, and it looked like all his files.

Got it :slight_smile: When you import a page, it will definitely include any files from that page.

Sometimes I find the media library won’t show up recent files if you search, but if you scroll down, it should appear.

Otherwise if you’re still having an issue, I’d reach out to Unbounce support as there could be something else going on here.

Im not understanding what you are saying. If I scroll down the page, what will appear? The files? It’s a example page if that meAns anything to ya.

I meant scroll in the media library.

Are you missing files that you previously uploaded?

I’m not missing files. I certain the page came with the media files attached. How to switch to my media. Weird, because I just went through this with another page which was fine. phooey😢

Correct, importing an unbounce page will have uploaded any files that page uses. These will be added to your media library. All your existing media content should still be there when you scroll down in the media library.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘switch to your media’ as it should still be there.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: