Don't show Convertable if a Lightbox is open


Is there a way to not show a Convertable if a Lightbox is already open on the landing page? I’m hoping some custom code?


Hey @Zoe_Tattersall,

I haven’t tested it but I’m thinking that you should be able to do it with GTM.
Firing the convertable code only if certain conditions are met, which in your case would be no open lightbox.



Hmmm ok that’s outside my knowledge – but I’ll do some searching! :wink:


Where would this code go and what would I look for? I know JavaScript but I don’t know this level of detail with Unbounce. Thanks!


@PTKen I think what Hristian means is to add the Convertable script to GTM (Google Tag Manager) instead of directly on the Unbounce javascript section; and use the conditions in GTM to only fire the code IF the lightbox is not open.