Donation button which leads to File Download

I am trying to build a landing page that will go with a youtube video I am making where I explain the steps on how to use a program i have created and will provide the link in the description on the video. What I want to accomplish from all of this is being able to set up a landing page where I can ask them first for a donation using cryptocurrency which I have already set up the button and the embed code for that using blockonomi, but essentially having them have to click on that button where it will either say next to it or have a pop up come up saying something like “Buy me a beer for all my hard work” and then allowing them to then download the file and the program even if they just download a cent.

Then have that followed by a page where they will be presented with two download files one for windows and one for mac. Is this at all possible or is this way harder than it sounds to me?

Sorry if this isn’t the right section this is my first post here on unbounce and not sure if Im doing it correctly, If im not please let me know and ill make whatever changes are necessary.