Do you have an API for partial submissions form?


In order to capture real time data from users who abandon your form without completing it 


Hi Alberto, 

We don’t have any API in place that would allow the capture of partial submissions. While this *might* be something you could achieve with a bit of javascript, there isn’t a solution that we’re aware of. 

Would you mind me asking why you’re looking for this information? 


Hey Alberto, the way to do this would be to divide your form into two separate forms. Each form resides on a separate page. The first form contains the basic information. The second form contains follow up information.

In your case you want to make sure that if the first part is submitted that you get that data even if the second part is abandoned.

In your first form, create the basic fields and in the form settings make sure than when the button is clicked it takes you to a thank you page that is the second landing page’s url while passing the values of the first form as query strings. All of that requires no coding and can be done straight through the interface.

In your second form, recrate the basic fields as hidden fields and make sure those fields are autocompleted using the query strings that were passed. In addition, show the visible fields for the next set of questions you want to ask. Of course, when the button from the second form is submitted, you know that the lead has submitte the complete information.

This makes sure that if a user only fills out the first part, you get it. And if the user submits both parts, you get it as well.

Creating those two landing pages won’t affect your quota as unbounce tracks unique landing page views. And the only drawback is to have two sets of leads one for half filled and the second for 100% completed. No API needed and can completed be done using the WYSYWIG editor.

Hope this helps :wink:


Awesome suggestion, David! This is a great approach and will also allow you to measure your drop-off rate once the harder questions get asked. Thanks for chiming in!