Designer/Advisor needed for motivational speaker landing pages to improve adwords conversions

Hello Unbounce community!

I’m a professional inspirational speaker based in Canada. (

For one month now, I have been running an Adwords campaign to generate leads for paid speaking engagements. These are the results I’ve gotten, representing one month budget (Canadian dollars, not USD)

In month two (round two) I’m hoping unbounce landing pages can help improve my conversions. I’ve only had two so far, and luckily was able to close one of them, which covered the cost of the initial month of google campaigns.

I would like to agree on a fixed price for the creation of an unbounce template landing page, to direct paid traffic to, that I can then modify myself going forward. I would change the copy on the website to better target the keywords that generated the click (e.g. “Resilience Speaker” vs “Leadership Speaker” vs “Teamwork Speaker”)

It can resemble the home page of my website, but I am also open to your experience and ideas for what is most effective.

Key pieces and requirements:

  • Use imagery from my existing website
  • Lots of social proof (written testimonials with pictures, names and titles; video testimonials of audience reactions after my speech)
  • Demo video (see “play video” button above fold on home page)
  • Calendar section showing future events (further social proof, demonstrating others have/are hiring me)
  • Company logos of past clients section
  • Shorter, more impactful and strategically laid out sections of copy (I would take from my existing website, and modify to fit your recommendations of placement and length)

In terms of CTA, I know having one CTA is best practise, but wondering about following ideas:

  • Check availability lead capture button: is there a way the user could click a button to see if their event date is available? Somehow linking to a current calendar in the backend?
  • See a full presentation button: user submits first name+email to receive a link to vimeo full keynote
  • Freebie offer: Event planner receives a step-by-step guide to hiring a speaker and preparing for their event in a way that mitigates all their risk.


Hi Jeremiah, welcome to the community!

My team would love to help - we’re fellow Canadians! :grinning:

Hi Stefano - thanks!

Submitted the proposal request form on your site.

Hi Jeremiah.

I wouldn’t put all those offers on one page, but it may be worth considering creating unique pages for each.

The guide would be good for people closer to the top of the funnel, assuming that you’re targeting people who may be new to event planning or starting a new event of some sort. For more established events/professionals, you may want to explore other top of the funnel offers.

The full presentation offer seems better for prospects who are in the stage where they are actively looking to book speakers and are considering you among others.

Ideally, you want to target specific stages of the sales funnel with your keyword selection. And you should also plot out a contact strategy that moves people through those stages. I could see the view a presentation offer as part of an email series used to nurture leads.

My expertise is more in copywriting and strategy than design, but if you’d like help with those aspects, I’d be happy to start a dialog with you.



Hi Sean - thanks for the suggestions. So far, I’ve been able to build my business with referrals and outbound email marketing campaigns. The landing page is just about optimizing PPC for ready buyers searching for speakers at this point. Thanks for writing, and will keep you in mind!