CSS Help for TypeForm!


I’ve embedded a TypeForm into my landing page. It looks and works great when on a desktop, but when on a mobile device the TypeFrom formatting isn’t correct and makes it difficult to navigate and fill out the questionnaire. I’ve been told by the TypeFrom tech that “it looks like your banner has a higher z-index than your typeform so that, while it is not part of the typeform, it is laid on top of the typeform and obstructs the view.” I’ve also been told that I need to add css code, which I have no idea how to do.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!



typeform does not work well on unbounce on mobile.
after badgering their support, the answer is “we know it doesnt work and its not a priority”. their priority is to make their editor look better. i’m going to be looking for an alternative soon after I knock down a few other to-dos. their editor is awesome enough, you’d think that they’d fix other things that are clearly broken.

better integration into unbounce and mobile could remove two clicks for me in my conversion funnel.