Credit Score Page - Could it be better?

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible

---- Have I made any obvious, rookie mistakes?

---- The page is converting well right now, but we’d always like it higher, right?

**** OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE ONLY (check on your phone)****

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?

----Facebook ads only… mobile only

3: What is your conversion goal?

— I don’t know what a proper expectation/barometer should be for this vertical/traffic source.

4: Provide a link to your published landing page.

Thank you for the advice!


Hi Adam welcome to the Unbounce community,

First, I’ve messaged you directly regarding your original post title. In the meantime I have updated it to something that is far more helpful to the community.

Secondly, your page feedback…

  • You should still organize the desktop page. If a user rotates their device to landscape, odds are, they will see the desktop size. They may also happen to have a mobile device with a larger screen that you may not be thinking of. Either way, still safe to get the desktop format looking good.

  • The flow of the page is disconnected. I like the headline, but you never actually answer it. You go straight into asking another question. Which competes with your checklist at the very bottom. From the first two headlines, it already seems like a gimmick.

  • Answer your headline with helpful information. Then continue with the negative items info and so-on.

  • I think the images and colors are fine. The checklist at the bottom doesn’t actually provide any value. In fact it makes me question the validity of the entire process. You’re not selling a used car… Don’t tell people how you promise not to jack things up…
    You should explain how you are different from the rest. What makes your process unique and how can you truly be helpful?

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Here are some observations:

  1. The headline isn’t bad, I would just add the word “score” for clarity. As Kyle mentioned, you should also pay it off before moving on to other points. You could so this with a subheading and bullet points, or with a teaser leading into the CTA.

  2. Why does the offer look like it’s a disclaimer? You want the offer to stand out. It’s why people will act upon the CTA.

  3. The button blends in and the type in it is hard to read. I would choose a new color with more contrast against both the text and background.

  4. The first question of the form isn’t relevant to the offer. I’d get rid of it or replace it with something related to what you’re offering.

  5. I agree with Kyle on the What Sunergy gives you section. It’s too generic to add value and mentioning negatives like funny business only puts that thought in tradrrs’ minds.

  6. The page would benefit from the addition of social proof and/or trust elements. Do you have any testimonials or ratings you can reference?

  7. Finally, I would make the offer more clear. What can someone expect with the evaluation? What are the benefits? What’s involved? What will they get?

Best of luck.


Thank you for the feedback!!

Appreciate the comments, thank you!