Creating a custom error message on form submission to encourage the use of a business email address


Hi there. I am running into a challenge in my B2B campaigns where I’m generating far too many “personal email addresses” from domains like,,,, etc. In an attempt to improve this, I created a new variant for my landing page where I included the script that referenced here:…

After about a week of testing I find that my conversion rate is down by about 50% (with a 98% confidence level) on the variant in which I am forcing a business email address. Since gmail, yahoo and other free email addresses are still sometimes legitimate email addresses used by businesses - I’m not comfortable being this aggressive with forcing business email.

Instead, what I’d love to do is something very similar to this script where if a user enters a gmail, yahoo, etc. - they get an error that says “Please use your business email address to ensure we are able to follow up with you appropriately. If you don’t have another email address that can be used, close this error box and hit ‘submit’ again” - and then at that point, if the user still keeps a gmail, yahoo, etc. email address in there and hits submit - it will be accepted.

Does anyone have any ideas how this existing script can be modified to accomplish the above?

Many thanks!


Hi Sam,

Based on my experience, it’s true that forcing a business email address can lower your conversion rate but you have to keep in mind the quality of the leads you do get.

It’s a fine balance between quality vs. quantity. 

However, if you still want to pursue the script you’ve described above my company might be able to help.

Ping me at: for more details and a quote.