Convertible Won't Trigger! Please Help


Hello. I’m trying to setup my first Convertible to place on my Unbounce landing page. I created it and published it. I copied the code. On my landing page, I pasted in in Javascript “before body end” section. It seems like I have followed all of the steps, but I do not see anything happening!

It is set to appear when the user attempts to leave the page. What will trigger that?

Is this only going to work once I republish the landing page, or should it work when I preview it as well?



Where is the embed code supposed to go? I found two conflicting instructions (I’ve tried both and neither seems to trigger the convertible).

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Hi @PTKen You will need to republish the page once the embed code has been added to the page in order for it to show on the live page (same goes for any changes made in the editor). Placement of the embed code shouldn’t matter too much as it will work when the code is either in the head or the body. Thanks for pointing out that conflict in our documentation though!

The ‘on exit’ trigger will fire once the mouse cursor leaves the top of the browser window.

Feel free to send a link to the page I’d be happy to take a look for you once it’s been republished :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I did republish it and still I don’t see anything. I
give you permission to look into my account if you have that ability. Here
is the published page:

Thank you!


Just had a look and looks like the issue was around the URL targeting. Since you’re only looking to fire the Convertable on the root subdomain you can use the “homepage” option. When using a “URL contains” rule this actually only refers to the path of the page. The domain itself is already accounted for in the “Domain” field above.

So for example if you wanted to fire a Convertable on a page with a URL of the URL rule could be “URLs that contain”: “trigger” which would account for any URLs that have that word in the subdirectory path of the URL (i.e. anything that comes after the first ‘/’).

I made a minor change for you on the overview screen to have the Convertable fire on the “homepage” ( and it’s working now :slight_smile:


Hi @Rob,
I’m having trouble getting a convertible to fire. The convertible we’re trying to create is purely a promotional thing (‘Hey did you know?’) and not for getting conversions so the only button is a ‘close window’. Another convertible we created that has a conversion (Give us your email, etc) is working, we inserted the embed code into Google tag manager for this convertible. Do we need to insert the code a second time - into our site - to get the ‘Hey did you know?’ to fire?


Hi @Uniting I’m not as active on here as I once was unforatunatly (you caught me at a good time here), I’m happy to take a look for you but you’ll probably get a much faster resolution if you reach out to our Support team ( This is absolutely something that falls under the scope of what we officially support (i.e. not a workaround) so you’ll get all the help you need there and a faster turn around time than waiting for a response from me here.

That being said feel free to send me a URL or a link to the Convertable and I’d be happy to take a look for you as soon as I have a chance. If you reach out to our support team you I’d recommend sharing the URL with them as well. You can simply copy/paste what’s in the address bar when on the overview screen and we can get to it from that :slight_smile:


Thanks @Rob,
Page is here, if you get a chance. I’ll also contact support@.


Hi @Rob,
Just a quick update - we had misconfigured the google analytics. All good now!


Thanks for the update @Uniting! Glad you got it sorted out!