Convertables & Call-Tracking


Hi, I’m curious. When you use Sticky Bars (powered by Unbounce Convertables), what happens if the Sticky Bar displays a phone number (in text) and that you use a solution like CallTrackingMetrics (that is supposed to replace phone numbers dynamically)? Do you think that the replacement would happen as intended within the Sticky bar?


Hi Adrien,

I can’t say I’m familiar with CallTrackingMetrics. Having taken a brief look at their website it looks like there are issues when it’s used with iframes (which is what a sticky bar is).

I’d suggest first that you try adding the CallTrackingMetrics script to the sticky bar as well as your site and see how it behaves. If there are issues perhaps the information here will help, although the dynamic replacement will not function.

Hope this information is helpful to you and let me know if you’ve further questions.



Brian, you are being very helpful here. Thanks for suggesting to add the CTM script to the Sticky Bar. I will try that.


How did you get on with this, please?

I have the same issue with Google dynamic numbers. The numbers change on the LP but not the static bar. Did you get any success on this?

Thanks for your time


Carl, I’m sorry. I did not yet take the time to implement the suggested fix.


Hi @Carl_Duncker,
Another customer just recently reached out regarding the same issue with Google dynamic numbers. It’s something we’ll need to look into further as there are issues with these tools working within iframes (sticky bars). Since releasing sticky bars into labs we’ve been getting feedback on the different use cases for them and we hope to address as many as possible before a full release. I’ll keep this thread updated on any progress made.