Convertables and Landing URL Capture


Guys, hi. Here I’m curious. I’d need every email captured with a Convertable to come with the URL on which the person landed (prior to converting in the Convertable) to be passed as an hidden field. I do not believe that this is something that Unbounce handles “as is”. Or is it?


P.S. I feel like what I want to achieve is being discussed at Can you pull cookied utm parameters on our website into an unbounce convertable's hidden fields?.


Hey @Adrien,

You should be able to see the “Host Page URL” listed in your leads table when you click ‘View Leads’ on the Convertable overview screen. We also include the host page URL in your leads CSV when you export it from the same overview screen.

It is important to note that we only show lead information for Convertables with forms on them.

Please let us know if this addresses your concern or if you have any more questions!



Cole, I like what I’m reading here. Yet, what is the “Host Page URL”? Is it the URL on which the Convertable was fired (or is it the URL on which the person has landed prior to seeing the Convertable)?