Conversion Tracking With New Adwords



I’m trying to set up an adword conversion code with the brand new BETA version and the conversion code is very different. Does anyone know how to set this up properly to work on a landing page?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hey @Michael_Phelps!

There are two ways you can do this. We typically create a conversion goal in analytics for the form using events, then import that goal into AdWords.

The other way is to install the “Global site tag” on your landing page, and the “Page load tag” script on your form confirmation dialog. Make sure to place these both in the <head> section.

Let me know if you’re having a hard time getting this to work. We do set ups like this on the daily!



@Michael_Phelps, to add to what Stefano said, I would suggest a third way and that is by using Google Tag Manager. It’s just much easier to use GTM to add tags site-wide instead of having to manually do it.

The only thing to note is when you’re using GTM, you will use the Adwords Conversion Tracking tag template. And it will ask you for conversion ID and conversion label. These two values are the reason why the internet has been going nuts the past few weeks.

That’s because these two values are not where they usually hang out. And Google documentation has not been updated as of yet to point you in the right direction. Instead of re-writing everything, here’s an article that will walk you through this new system.

Good luck!


This doesn’t actually work with the new Adwords. It’s a massive head ache, big issue.


Hey Daniel - I don’t use this method myself. We create out goals in analytics then import the goals into AdWords.

Good to know that it doesn’t work though.

How did you figure this out?


I mainly use the conversion tracking inside Adwords.

I worked it out with a Google support rep, we tried every possible variation that should work till we found this one that does.


Hi Daniel, I’ve been having issues with this too - what solution did you find with Google?


@Daniel_Gillen what solution did you come to. I’m having a similar issue.


@Stefano is there an article on how to set up events in Analytics for unbounce lead submissions?


@nikesh I worked with a Google tech support and used a mixture of scipt editor, and manually putting tags on. However it does not seem to work perfectly, so I have no solution other than the akward analytics route.


Thanks for the reply. It’s crazy that this isn’t easy to do.