Converiosn rate


what would be amount of visitors with no conversions to start assuming something is wrong with the landing page ?
and if landing page was doing well on PPC for all variation of bad credit business loans… and i created a new landing page for specific variation of one of those keywords oin its own adgroup. duplicating the landing page but just putting the keyword as headline should i assume at minimum the same conversion rate if not better ?


Often times, when you’re seeing conversion rates lower than expected, it’s not the page itself that’s the issue, but rather it’s either the traffic source or the offer.

If you’re sending “cold traffic” to a page with a “hot traffic” offer, there’s going to be a lot of friction.

Vise versa, if you’re sending “hot traffic” to a page with an offer that the can’t relate to (or that isn’t compelling enough), they aren’t going to bite.

If you want to share more about your traffic sources, offers, and pages, I’d be glad to take a look and give some more specific feedback.