Controlling How Form Data is Passed to URL


I’m new to Unbounce and just trying to figure out how to best accomplish this.

My form within the Unbounce editor has a few fields and is set to pass the form data as GET variables to a URL.

Since GET variables are key=value pairs I can send the key over by naming it the way I want to on the receiving URL, but it’s the value I’m having trouble with.

The value I want to pass to my URL is not exactly identical to what is selected in the form.

For example, let’s say I have a form with a single radio button:
( ) I like hot dogs
( ) I don’t like hot dogs

Since my parameter name will be hotdog that will pass to the URL as the key. But I don’t want the value to be “I like hot dogs” (the space in the sentence might even present an encoding issue and be changed to %20).

Instead, I’d want the GET to look like ?hotdog=yes when the first option is selected.

I’ve been reading about hidden fields, but can’t understand if they’re relevant to this use case.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @orvn,

You seem to be on the right path.

Instead of passing the original value (ex. I like hot dogs), you need a script and a hidden field.

The script will autofill the hidden field with a single value (ex. yes) and you would pass that on to your URL.



That makes sense, thanks!