Conditional page confirmation form

Hello :wave:

I have looked at several topics and have not found any answers so far.
Sorry if I missed something.

I have tried the different scripts and I never get it.

I want to create fields (for an eligibility form), for example on the professional situation (dropdown menu) and if the Internet user chooses option A (employee), B (freelance) or C (…), he goes to a confirmation page which tells him that he is not eligible. But if he chooses option D, he can continue filling out the form.

If anyone can help me, thank you so much ! :grinning:
And sorry for my English …

Hey, @Florian_Maroto This should be fairly easy to accomplish with some js. What scripts have you tried? what is si not functioning?

There are other options too, the easiest way would be to embed a form that has conditional logic already set up. Most, if not all, form builders have this feature.