Can I get some feedback on my new landing page?

#1 is my new Landing Page and I would value any feedback the Unbounce community has for me! Thank you!!


Hey Gary, 

That must have been a lot of work on the page. But there’s a lot that you could do: 

  1. The headlines: Please remove the underline for the headline. Web users are used to think it’s a real hyperlink. 
  2. There’s lots and lots of text. You’d need to prioritize, break it down, and add visual elements to help lead visitors through this mass of content. 
  3. See if you can bring in some form love? Do you absolutely need every thing you ask for in the form? 
  4. The text beside the form: I love the story, but you’d need to condense it a bit. Can you cut out anything that you absolutely don’t need? 
  5. Podcasts and audio content seems to compete with other content (down below). 
  6. The CTA: Pick one of the two items, starting with “YES”. Use the other item for testing out on another version. 
  7. The entire area at the bottom filled with disclaimers and legal text can find another page on your website. 


The page is long, and has a lot of info. You probably need all of that info, but you may not. You might want to a/b test using only 1 or two testimonials.

Your headline drops out at mobile. Might want to add that back in. You can add some buttons that will bring people back up to the form, that is super helpful especially at mobile. 

The arrows are an interesting touch, you might want to try only 1 or two, seems a bit “aggressive” with so many.

You talk about a money back guarantee… at the bottom. Might want to play with bringing that tidbit up to the top.

Good luck!


Thank you Joe & Ashwin for your feedback! I very much appreciate you taking a look and offering these suggestions! I will look into the changes you mention.

All my best to you,



Hey Gary,

Figured it’s never too late to chime in!

I also feel the page is super duper long. Take a look at Unbounce’s The 23 Principles of Attention-Driven Design for some inspiration.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1- The page feels a little cold. Not much emotion - photos of people help.
2-  The page feels very cluttered. Be sure to space out your panels so that the text is easily legible. A little white space goes a long way!
3- Consider changing up the mobile experience. Not everything needs to match the desktop - perhaps add/remove elements that would make the experience more pleasant.
4- Do you have any video testimonials? This may perform better than audio.

Great start however!

If you have any more questions, let me know!

Stefano Apostolakos