Can I build custom animations into my page with Unbounce?


Hi there,

I’m a digital designer at my company and I build web pages for our donations appeals. The style of pages I create is more of a storytelling format. I tend to code these pages with HTML/CSS/Jquery/GSAP.

However, our org recently suggested I use unbounce to help me streamline the builds of these pages. I’ve had a few days to play around with unbounce and though it seems pretty straight forward, I’m finding it could be quite limited to the custom designs pages I want to build.

Here are some examples of pages I’ve built in the past and was wondering if it is possible to build these type of pages with unBounce?

Full-screen experience with GSAP animation & sticky header
GSAP animations on scroll. Sticky header and change class on scroll to apply a different theme (background).
Full-screen experience

any insights would be much appreciated.




Hi @jehuty15!

Welcome to Unbounce!

Here is an article within the community to guide you with some on-scroll animations:

If you would like a full-width experience - check out this script. You should be able to play around with that one a bit to achieve what you have created:

Lovely pages!

If you run into any trouble in the future, feel free to share you page here!



I love how you added a highlight to specific words on your pages. Is that something you have been able to replicate with unbounce? I’d love to learn how to do that!