CallRail Integration - Conversions triggering as if form submitted


I have implemented the Callrail and Unbounce integration so that phone calls get tracked as a conversion in Unbounce. The conversion tracking works fine.

The trouble is that when a Callrail conversion detected in Unbounce, Unbounce triggers as if the lead creation form on the landing page was submitted. This is a problem. There is no data in the form because the form was not submitted at all. A phone call was made.

This causes errors because, for example, the Salesforce integration is triggered to create a new lead with empty data. Campaign Monitor integration is triggered with an empty email address. Etc.

Is there a way to correct this? We want to count the CallRail phone call as a conversion (similar to the behavior of clicking a link for a conversion), but not trigger lead creation behavior (as if it were a form submit)?


There’s a few people who I know could help you out here. Firstly, @katemcghy is our trusty CallRail representative who runs their community ( and might be able to help out.

Also @Stefano is a seasoned CallRail expert and may also be able to help you out with some of the technical instructions.

Stay tuned!


Here is what I have found out via Unbounce Customer Support:

_"To understand the root of the problem better, let’s explore why you’re getting a blank form submission as a conversion. You’re right to say that when a conversion is logged in CallRail, Unbounce is sending a form submission as a conversion regardless of whether the form is filled out or not and more often than not, it’s a blank form submission. _

The reason for that has to do with how our API is built and its functionalities to communicate with other integrations. When CallRail built their integration JavaScript code, it works off Unbounce’s API’s limitations which is that it’s not able to record a conversion as a conversion itself, so the way a conversion is going to be tracked is to be sending form submissions of actual leads and then tracking them as conversions. As a user, it means that the JavaScript code is going to trigger a form submission to be tracking the conversion, but also sends a blank form submission over to your CRM platform. Technically speaking, the API does not handle POST requests for conversions - the only way to track a conversion (which is why CallRail did) is to track a conversion as a POST request to send an actual lead through the form submission."

So, it appears that there is no direct solution as CallRail has written the integration.

One potential work around is to use Zapier to filter out blank lead submissions before sending them to Salesforce, instead of using the native integration with Salesforce (and Campaign Monitor). The down side of this is that I need to build a Zap for every landing page that I have (which are many), making maintenance very cumbersome and prone to errors. (On a separate, non-technical note, I would have to upgrade my subscription, doubling my monthly costs).

Does @katemcghy or @Stefano have any insights?


I disable the integration. I could not make it work.