Button Clicks Not Counting As Conversions

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with simple button press tracking.

I have a button on my landing page that is set to a “Call a number” action. On the Goals tab, I have ticked the button next to this Phone action.

However, button clicks are not counting as conversions on my Unbounce dashboard for the page.

Form submissions show as conversions without issue, and I have the button click firing as a goal to Analytics via GTM, but nothing I do can get Unbounce itself to actually recognize the button click as a goal completion on the overview page.

Can anyone shed some light on why this might be the case, and what else I might need to do to get this button tracking as a goal within Unbounce.


Hmm, interesting. Here are some ideas to troubleshoot:

  • Do you have any special scripts running on the page? Maybe one is interfering.
  • You could try duplicating the page and seeing if that fixes it.
  • Does the formatting of the phone number look correct? I tried it with this and it’s tracking properly on my page:


  • Are you testing it with an actual phone number and making sure the call goes through? Not sure if that matters, but just trying to rule out everything.
  • If you remove the form, does it work then?

Hope this helps!

Hi Nicholas,

  • No scripts on the page other than GTM, handled through the Script Manager
  • The page has been duplicated into a few different pages, problem persists across all of them
  • Formatting looks identical to your screenshot
  • Tested with an actual phone number, call goes through
  • Removing the form / removing the form Goal does not affect tracking of the call

Man… I was gonna suggest duplicating to a new page. But if you are able to replicate the issue like this across pages, I think it is a good reason to reach out to Unbounce Support.