Bing Events - Conversion Tracking via Unbounce Pages... HELP!


Hi Everyone,

I have followed @Dan_Kavanagh instructions on how to set up event tracking via my landing pages, but I cannot get the events to actually fire. I am looking for some type of universal code I can incorporate through script manager in order to avoid having to update 70+ landing pages. (I cannot get the event to fire on an individual page or using the script manager). The screenshots from this thread are difficult to read which is why I am having trouble getting the event to fire on an individual page.

If anyone has had success setting up Event tracking through Bing, I appreciate any type of assistance. My Bing UET code is verified, and the event tracking is also verified, but not showing any conversions (No recent conversions being tracked). Although I can see that 61 conversions came in via my landing pages last week (Verified through Unbounce not Bing).

Here is the universal tracking code I tried unsuccessfully (Thanks @Lawrence_Howlett!) :
lp.jQuery(document).ready(function() {
console.log( “convesion tracked!” );
window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
window.uetq.push({ ‘ec’:‘Contact’, ‘ea’:‘Form’, ‘el’:‘Income Protection’, ‘ev’:‘1’ });

(Took out <> around Script in order to view in this thread)

I have no idea what type of code I should have on individual pages to do it the long way.

Thanks ahead of time for all of the great responses and support.



Hi Will,
Apologies in advance, but I don’t have the answer to this question for you. In fact, I believe @Dan_Kavanagh was the only person I’ve seen in the Community offer up a solution.

It looks like the screenshots in that article somehow got mixed up/distorted… not sure how or why that happened but I’ll look into it on our back-end.

Can you do me a favour and let me know if you figure out how to do this? We definitely need a new ‘how-to’ on this topic – I’d love to feature it in the Community, and I’d even offer up a nice big gift-card to the Unbounce Market for your troubles. :wink:



I am by no means an expert in this at all and I am having the same trouble you are having but one thing I did notice is that the code you copied from @Lawrence_Howlett needs to be modified slightly. The ‘ec’, ‘ea’, ‘el’, and ‘ev’ values are dependent on what you labeled them when you set up for your conversion goal in Bing per @Dan_Kavanagh: your Category, Action, Label, and Value inputs.

The values listed in the script are for Lawrence’s landing page. For example, my modified line looks like:
window.uetq.push({ ‘ec’:‘Contact’, ‘ea’:‘Form’, ‘el’:‘EZ Law Quote’ });

I deleted the ‘ev’ section since I don’t have a value attached at this time. I don’t know if it works because I just set it up but that is something I noticed. I hope it helps.




I modified the script from @Lawrence_Howlett as I suggested and I am now recording event conversions in Bing. I wanted to let you know that it does work.

Good luck!


Where does this part come into play or does it?

Unbounce Identifier

Unbounce labels all the elements on your landing page. The button on your form will have a unique identifier. In the example above the identifier is

(event) {

You will need to replace this with your forms identifier.