Best way to get clean leads from facebook campaign


Hi!, I am having a hard time thinking on a way out of this:

Here is the situation: Our client has a business model that allows him to only give his service to people with an income of X or higher. Right now, we let users filling the form select lower incomes to submit the form, so sales can filter and qualify the leads we are getting.

The problem is: every one that fills the form good of bad lead counts as a lead for our campaign running in facebook so, facebook optimization isn’t always good optimization.
Also the other problem is: the client expects the landing alone to filter people instead of this being the sales team’s work :confused:
We have cases in which people select a higher income value in order to get the service, but then sales finds out he was lying so… problem for us because leads were wrong. Others in which for a period of time almost all leads choose lower income values, so… problem for us because leads are not what they are expecting.

We were thinking to hide the form until the user selects a range of income and depending on that range, show the form or a message, but people is not dumb and they will reload the page to select the option that will work out, like the “do you have the legal age to drink in your country?” question in alcoholic beverages sites :woman_shrugging:t2:
The solution we were seeing was to let everyone fill the form, but only those who select higher income values count them as a lead, but we haven’t find how to condition the facebook pixel trigger to a value in the form neither condition the zoho integration to only send those leads with higher income selected. :scream_cat:

Is there anything that we are not seeing?

Do any of you know how we can work around this issue? any advice on this kind of targeting would be really appreciated.


Hi Claudia,

For your lead issue, you could use Zapier to filter the leads before they get into your CRM. Zapier can trigger when the Unbounce form is submitted, add a filter step on the data, and then only push the filtered data into Zoho.

For the Facebook pixel, that seems trickier. I guess you could post the data to a page with a custom script. That script could look at the posted data and then redirect the user to a landing page with the conversion pixel firing if they meet the income threshold. If they don’t, they can be redirected somewhere where the pixel doesn’t fire.

As for people lying, that’s just part of the deal and I’d keep reinforcing that with your client. You can add safeguards, but can’t prevent someone from working the system.