Best strategy? Sub-domain vs. root-domain for Shopify site



We’re setting up a Shopify site and would like to use Unbounce for our AdWords campaigns and some other landing pages. I’m curious about best practice regarding the domain.

Is it better to use the sub-domain or root-domain approach?



Hey there - if you are setting up a shopify site, it’s probably best to have that reside on your root domain, and use a sub-domain with Unbounce for your adwords campaigns and landing pages.


Hi - had the same question, but am wondering if there are best practices or suggestions on the name you select for the sub-domain (for adwords landing pages)?

Any implications we should worry about (SEO or User Experience)?




I want to hear an answer to the above too :slight_smile:


Hey Juliann - are you wondering about the root vs. sub-domain for Shopify or for Unbounce?

I can’t totally speak to Shopify but even though Carter’s answer is a few years old, I think it still hold true. Where choosing a subdomain for Unbounce goes, avoid anything like “landing”, “ads” or “promos.” Some ad block software actually prevents pages on these subdomains from displaying properly.

Instead, choose a subdomain that reads more like a CTA as in:


Hey! This totally answers my question - I just wasn’t sure if there was a way to use my website when marketing but get people to my unbounce landing page (through a redirect or something?)

In other words, i wanted to be able to put on a flyer or on a blog post but have them go to my landing page. I think I can do this with the help of my developer because he can redirect anyone that comes from a specific source. Otherwise, I have to use a subdomain link like

I think I see the rules that I can work within :slight_smile:

thanks for replying so quickly!


But wouldn’t using a subdomain kill your SEO to your root site?

Is there not a way to create a blank template in shopify and then paste the unbounce html code into that so you are still on the main root site (my case is

My ideal scenario would be…

Could creating a template in shopify and then using unbounce code for the page be a work around?


Hey Michael,

It wouldn’t kill the SEO to your site but no, the subdomain wouldn’t likely earn any additional SEO. Typically, campaign specific pages are very light on content so they wouldn’t generally earn much SEO anyhow. You’d focus on content and building SEO for your main site, while your landing pages are your targeted work horses for a variety of campaigns.

And your best bet to ensure that this new subdomain doesn’t compete with your main site’s SEO is to hide your landing pages from search engines. (You’ll see this option in the properties pane when you’ve got your page open in the Page Builder).

You *could* feasibly create a blank Shopify page into which you embed your Unbounce landing pages with an iframe _ but _ this wouldn’t earn you much in the way of SEO. Because all Google see’s is the iframe embed code (not the content), you wouldn’t get much benefit here.