Background Videos not playing in Chrome 67


Hello, Background videos on all of our landing pages aren’t playing in Chrome 67. They work in Chrome Canary, Firefox, and Safari, but not in Chrome. I’ve cleared my cache, tried opening in Incognito, still no luck. Can you let me know what’s going on?


Hello !

I have the same issue, i contacted unbounce support and they said they were working on it. But chrome said they would block autoplay videos so this isn’t really a surprise, i doubt a real fix can be found


Chrome only blocks autoplay videos that are not muted, and this started in April 2018, these pages just stopped more recently than that. In their docs here - it says “Muted autoplay is always allowed.” these are muted as they are background videos. Also in this article on The Verge - - I don’t understand. I’ve also seen background videos working on other sites I’ve built. They also play automatically in Unbounce preview. They all work in Chrome Canary, which hopefully means that the newer versions of Chrome won’t do this, or Unbounce will fix as they say.


And they seem to work now, so it’s been fixed! By either Unbounce or Chrome, not sure which. One thing I noticed is that you have to re-publish the page to get it to work - so I’m guessing it’s something Unbounce fixed.


thank you ! :slight_smile: