Background video loop has a small, few frames jump



I’ve added a video background, and now it seems that when it finishes the video, it skips a few frames when the loop is restarting.

This is not a problem with the video itself (the end frame and first frame are exactly the same) as I’ve created it and quadruple checked it on different video players and After Effects.

I tried “cheating” by using another video with a few extra frames at the end (basically the same end frame just held it and made it a few frames longer) so if it cuts, it should still look the fluid. It actually made it worse so I reverted to the previous video.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

here’s the link to the page:


Ahh I understand your frustration, I can see how we want that to be seamless.

Nothings seems technically wrong here. But I think it has to do with the webpage/browser re-loading the video content. Every time the video ends, it takes milliseconds for the script to run the video once more.

The plus-side, I think it is barely noticeable and a GREAT use of creativity for a video background :slight_smile: Kudos my friend!

If it still bothers you… I suggest editing your video 5x longer. So instead of your raw video being 5 seconds long, make it loop for 25 seconds and upload that instead. This way a user is likely to finish what they are doing on the page and will never notice the skip after 25 seconds.