Autoresponding to leads in Gmail?


Hey all I know Unbounce has multiple options for auto-responding through third party ESPs like MailChimp, etc.

Right now, we have landing pages. People fill out the one page form, get a thank you page and then we manually contact each one.

I’m looking at being able to template a personal e-mail and have it auto-responding to the leads as they come in, but with a delay or so… Right now all our leads are coming to a Gmail Inbox.

Can I do this with Zapier/Gmail integration? Or would I need a third party like MailChimp? I want less subscriptions/less additional software as possible. Seeing as the leads are already coming into our Gmail, I’d love to keep everything contained there.

Any help?


Hi @MJaram,

You should be able to do what you want with Zapier and Gmail.