Attributing returning customer conversions on website to landing pages


Bear with me while I try to explain our situation, which is as follows:

We run paid ad campaigns for our clients with all paid traffic being sent to our landing pages. We have some data indicators that suggest potential leads have visited the landing pages, are sold/convinced on the companies services but convert on the website at a later date/time as an organic lead after googling the companies name (which they have saved from the landing pages). We know we are driving some of those ‘organic’ leads due to the conversations had with the people who converted.

I am looking for a way to tag the people that have visited the landing page but converted on the site. I currently have some UTM tags implemented but these get stripped from the URL if they visit multiple pages on the website. Our clients use a variety of website builders/platforms, form types/plugins, and the access we have varies. So I’m trying to find a one-size-fits-all solution ideally. We just want to make sure our stats are as accurate as possible and we suspect we are losing track of quite a few leads to this scenario.

I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer for this online or in the Unbounce community forums so I apologize in advance if this has been answered already! Any help is appreciated.


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Hi @Kyle_Furlong,

Due to the current state of tracking and various limitations, you would always “lose” a certain percentage of your tracking capabilities.

Now keeping that in mind, the best thing to do is making sure your Google Analytics is properly setup on both your landing pages and main site(s).

Stripping UTM parameters is normal and since they have been present on the first interaction a particular visitor would be associated with them no matter how many pages they visit.

Since you have various access depending on the client, I would advise on implementing a well thought out GTM and GA implementation. This has the added benefit that you can implement tracking through GTM without relying on your client(s).

You can always “insert” a custom 1st party cookie to each new visitor that gets checked IF they revisit the site at a later date. Using it to insert a hidden field data in your forms, etc.

The biggest issue would be tracking across devices. A potential customer/lead visiting your ad from a mobile device to only come back later on their desktop computer to convert. This is a hard nut to crack and there is no universal solution for it.

Let me know if that points you in the right direction.


Hi @Hristian,

Thank you so much for the detailed answer. We are currently leveraging GTM and GA on our client accounts but I don’t believe we have fully explored the custom First-party tracking option you mentioned, I’ll do more research into that feature. Thanks again Hristian,

I appreciate the help!


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