Artificially Low Bounce Rate in GA - Double Tracking issue

I have been testing our landing page tracking using the “Google Tag Assistant” because I noticed our landing page bounce rate is showing < 5% in GA, and has normal rates for the main, non-landing page domain sessions.

The results show the following message "This page has two interaction hits within a short time window. The page might have two hits that always fire on page load, which can cause an artificially low bounce rate. "

Is see we had both GA event tracker and GTM set up over two years ago, does anyone know what purpose the event tracker serves and whether that would cause double tracking with GTM?

Link to Event Tracker Script Below

Screenshots from Google Tag Assistant Below

Hi @Malak_Lopez,

It seems that your landing page uses the old jQuery dependent analytics code. I would unpublished and than republish the page as well as remove the analytics integration and re-add it again.

Once that’s done, review the bounce rate again.

If the issue persists there might be GTM events that are not set up properly and are triggering interaction hits that are messing up your GA data.