API Data Missing


Hello, I’m trying to use the /subaccounts/{id}/pages end point to query the status of my various landing page tests. However, it would seem that the variants_count field is always equal to zero. The same is true for conversion_rate_delta when using the with_stats option.

Is this accurate? Is that data just missing? If so, is there any way to get that bug fixed?

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Hey @Kevin_Peters,

That looks like a bug to me. Just to clarify (make sure I’m poking at the right endpoint), you’re calling the /sub_accounts/{id}/pages endpoint using the with_stats query param?

I’ll file a bug for it.

In the meantime (because I can’t promise a quick turnaround time on the bug at the moment), can you give me a sense of what your use case is - maybe we can try to find a workaround?



Thanks for getting back to me @hoyan.leung.

Yes, that was the endpoint I was using but I also tried accounts/{id}/pages with similar results.

As for the use case, we are an agency and are currently managing 19 different sub accounts and 4 separate accounts with several hundred different active pages. We spend a lot of time running A/B experiments on these pages but the problem is that, with this many pages, it is a significant time investment to check on the experiments. More than that, we want to be able to easily record these experiments when they reach validity and then launch a new one.

We have built a dashboard tool (https://winstonknows.com/) that already pulls in many of the other A/B testing platforms we use and I was hoping to be able to integrate Unbounce as well. In the ideal world, we would have the API be able to return that actual variant-level data instead of just the page summary. But, at a minimum, I was hoping to be able to show the number of pages that are active with at least two active variants so that we know which pages to go check on. I would also want to include when a test has validated (which the API does have) and how much the win / loss is for (which is the other missing field).

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Kevin_Peters,

Hmm…yeah just noticed that we don’t seem to be returning that variant_count on any of the endpoints, so unfortunately that’s not gonna help us in terms of finding a workaround. Wish I had better news :frowning:

I did file a bug for it and will update you on it if it looks like there’s a fix coming out.