Any tips on how we can split test a pop-up?

We want to test a pop-up to see if it improves conversion rates from a referral source. We are adding a pop-up to our site from a referral point which I know is functionality in unbounce. However, to test conversion rate we’d need to run a split test where only half of the visitors from the referral point receive the pop-up. I know that this isn’t built-in functionality in Unbounce, but was curious if any Unbounce pros had any creative ideas for a work around?

Duplicate your page as a variant. Only put the popup on one variant. Split the traffic 50%

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I’m making a popup, not a landing page for this experiment. So I’m not sure that would work unless I’m misunderstanding you?

2 - Landing Page Variants
2 - Pop-up Variants

The landing pages should be identical.
Then attach pop-up variant #1 to landing page variant #1
Then Pop-up #2 to Landing Page variant #2
Since the pages are the same, the only thing that would be different are the pop-ups.

Maybe there is another way but that was my only guess.

Right my bad, I assumed the landing page your popup is hosted on was an Unbounce LP.

You could try using the schedule option for each pop-up. Set one on a certain day, then the other for the following day???