Any Slider Recommendations (like SlideDeck) that work with UnBounce


Does anybody have some ideas? I’m not very tech savvy, but with some good instructions, I can usually get the job done. Any ideas for sliders that have some good documentation? I really like UnBounce, but not having a slider “widget” or partnership seems like a big blind spot for the product.


Checkout Juicebox. It allows you to build gallery sliders, and then embed them on websites. So, you could create your slideshow, and embed it using the Custom HTML Unbounce module.


We want an html slider like this one:
Then you can build small unbounce pages and iframe them as slides in a slider. That is what we all want!!!

I just can’t get it to work because I’m hung up on the last step:
“Add the code below to your JavaScript file.”

What javascript file can we use in unbounce?


Hi there JS!

Unfortunately we do not have a slider widget. So, with most sliders, you will need to upload the .js and .css files to your own servers. Once you do that, you can easily link to them from your Unbounce page.

For example, if you need to upload the files slidedeck.js and slidedeck.css for your plugin to work, you would upload them to your own servers and their URLs might look like this:

_… and _…

You’d then embed the .js files in the “Scripts” dialog and the .css files in the “CSS” dialog:

Finally, you would embed the HTML with the Custom HTML placeholder box.

Although we can’t really troubleshoot third party code, drop me a line at, I may be able to help a bit further.



I created an embedded image slider and have directions on how to do it here:…


Hi Jen,
thanks for your suggestion. I tried using Lean-Slider but it conflicts with the Fancybox script I am using on my page to run a 2-step optin.

The problem the slider script is causing is that the slides do not “slide” (it stays static on first slide).

Any suggestions to make this work ?



Hey Florian - I’ve actually created an updated Unbounce template (I call it MegaTheme) :stuck_out_tongue: that has all kinds of Popover and slider functionality: Everything you see on the landing page is included in the theme. You just upload it to your Unbounce account and customize it. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jen,


Do you have a few demos using that theme ? I only see the salespage for the theme… and I don,t see any image slider that fades from one image to the next…

Also, for this client I already have an existing landing page variant A and was creating a variant B, so I can’t really change to a totally new theme/template.


Tried to contact you regarding purchasing this but received no answer then the site went down :frowning:


This theme looks very interesting. Are you still selling it and if so is it responsive?


Hi AJ - I am still selling it- and most of the elements are responsive, with the exception of th e large tabbed boxes. For those elements on mobile I make the interactive box invisible, duplicate it into another page section and then break it out and optimize it for mobile. Let me know if you have any other questions! jen :slight_smile:


thanks - would love to see any live sites using this theme.  I sent you a linkedin invite since we are neighbors here in the ATL


Hey AJ - always fun to meet locals online :slight_smile: here you can see a working example: Most that buy the theme don’t follow up with me with examples unfortunately –


nice - love the FAQ accordion.


yes that’s some custom code - it works pretty good


do you still support this?  your support link on the theme page is 404


yes i answer questions here:


oops I bought the megatheme thinking the accordion was part of it - guessed i should have looked closer - dont actually see it in the theme


@jen - I’ve purchased the MegaTheme and submitted 4-5 tickets using the freshdesk support link. Are you getting these support tickets?


Hi Art - I’m so sorry I haven’t thanks for letting me know! You can reach me at jen at convertthemes dot com