Any free way to create Notification popup message on landing page when someone signup?

Hi guys, does anyone have solution for this case?
I just fought FOMO:, but not free…

Hey Nagashi,

The type of notification message you are after, requires a database in order to function properly. There are probably dozens of these types of services and you might want to check out ProductHunt for a similar service.

I’m not aware of a free alternative but another community leader @Nicholas might know of one.



Hi @Nagashi,

Fomo is a great product. We use it for some of our internal projects and for clients. Personally, I think its worth the price. However, here are some other options to check out if the price is an issue:

Evidence - It’s not free, but right now they have a lifetime deal on AppSumo starting at $49 USD. I have NOT used it, but it looks similar to the other social proof tools on the market, and may be good to explore.

ProveSource - They have a free plan for up to 1k monthly visitors with some other restrictions.

HoverSignal - They have a free plan for 1 website with 3000 monthly impressions. I like their design better than the one mentioned above.

ProofGain - I’ve not heard of them before, but I see they also offer a free plan. Theirs allows 5000 monthly visitors.

So, there are some options to explore. Just keep in mind, you usually get what you pay for, and for the $19/month that Fomo costs, I think its still a great value and they have fantastic support.