Another Newbie! Am I on the right track?


Hi, I’ve just created my first unbounce page:… . However, I’m not sure whether I’m on the right track or not.

I run a property search agency for people looking to buy properties in France and I’m not sure that the page I’ve created is inspiring enough, or provides enough information to make people want to find out more.

My main site: , has a couple of hundred properties and loads of information, so I want to keep things simple but think that maybe I’ve gone too far down the minimalist route!! Any ideas, suggestions very very welcome.


Hi there, 

First, congrats on building out your first landing page. You seem to have done quite a few things right and a few that you can improve on. 

Below are some notes on what I think you can improve:

  1. Design - Overall, the page could use some design love. Your main headline is hard to read when set against the background image. 

  2. Form - Avoid using open-ended questions like “How can we help you?”. Instead, you can try to qualify your leads better by including more fields (not always a bad thing) or splitting your form into two parts. 

  • Asking/gradually engaging your potential leads with “easy” questions like: number of bedrooms, particular features like pool, vineyard, farmland, etc. 
  1. Call-to-action (CTA) - It’s good that you have encapsulated your form and have a contrasting CTA. However, I would brainstorm a bit more on the actual copywriting for the CTA. Make it more action/benefit-oriented. 

  2. A few clear benefits above the fold, alongside the form.

  3. The sections below the fold can benefit from some design inspiration. Different font weights, a bit more images.

  4. Repeat your CTA at the end of the page instead of asking visitors to scroll back up.

  5. Testimonials should ideally be the same size/format. Currently, the two testimonials throw off that whole sections. If possible include images of the people that have given the reviews.  

  6. Design and add some more social proof in the form of: how many clients you have helped, how long you’ve been in business, what makes you unique, more properties that have sold or are currently on the market, the price range for these properties, average time for finding a home with your help, etc. 

  7. Image gallery - getting potential leads interested in a property is often times about the visuals.

  8. I would add a section with a few (3-4) properties with a mix of price, bedrooms, features, etc. that you are currently offering. 

I think, the above points should give you some ideas and inspiration.

Keep us updated on your progress and most importantly, once you start pushing traffic, don’t forget to A/B test. 



Thank you so much Hristan.

I had the urge to create a larger form with more questions (similar to what I have on my site ) but maybe I was trying too hard to stick to the initial unbounce page layout. I wanted another CTA form at the foot but couldn’t work out how to do it as I totally agree with you on this. I’m also glad you’ve picked up on the lack of information I’m offering. I was going with the whole ‘less is more’ ethos but think I’ve ended up with a ‘less is less’ scenario!!

The main image was a nightmare for me as all my eye-catching properties were a problem no matter what colour font I tried. I’ll certainly spend some more time trying to address this.

Sounds like I really need to make my landing page larger with far more information. I’ll start working on a V2. Any suggestions as to a good template to work from, or should I stick with what I’ve got and just add more sections to it?

Thanks again, your suggestions are brilliant.



i Wanted to help you but Hristian said all the right thing.
For the main headline you should put under it a semi-transparent zone of grey or white. This way the text will be much more readable.

On the white header at the top, i would remove the telephone number and add a catch line, like the one you have in the second zone:  Languedoc’s favorite real estate Agency
–> this way people now from the start what you do.

For the headline, i would say it differently so that people understand in one line that you will do everything to make their search a success.

on the left of the form, i would add your main point that are on display on your homepage:

In a nutshell chez de chez will provide you with:

–> you have to synthesize them so they fit in a small sentence.

The title of the form should be simple and big: "LET US FIND FOR YOU"
and the name of the CTA something like: “Call me now” 


Hi Julien thank you so much…for your’s and Hristian’s info alone, subscribing to unbounce has been worth it, as I’ve got a far better idea of my next steps without too many of my own wild stabs in the dark.

I take it that whilst I should use a list along the same lines as I’ve done for my website, that there shouldn’t be links within that text? Sorry it might be an obvious question but I’m so used to creating links relevant to what I’m saying that this whole ‘one goal’ thing feels quite alien to me.

Thank you



You’re Welcome ! (I’m french too by the way).

When i build a landing page for my client, we always define 1 objective. Usually we are looking for people to leave their phone number for the client’s call center to sell their product / service.
This is why you can have multiple landing page depending on your objective.
One can be to get a quote
One can be to suscribe to a newsletter, etc.

In the templates offered by Unbounce, there is one that could fit your need, it’s called: “Salina estate” (you could add a testimonial zone with picture from the people).

Also, for your main picture, i wouldn’t put the pic of a house your are selling, but i would put a great photo of the languedoc zone. this is the first thing you are selling before getting to sell a house :slight_smile:
Usually with a great blue sky at the top so your catchline will be easier to read.



Thanks Julien, I did wonder with your name!

I think for now my primary objective is for potential buyers to let me know what sort of property they’re looking for. I have a form on my site that’s been quite popular with new clients, so I may try a parred down version for my landing page. All the templates show minimal info capture and whilst I understand the thought process around this, I think for my clients, helping them tell me what they’re looking for is probably more important…obviously whilst still trying to avoid asking for inside leg measurements!

I did try a couple of my nice banner images of the region but they didn’t come out too well with the blue sky/white text combo, so I’ll have another try, because I totally agree with you that I’m selling the lifestyle before the properties. I’ll also take a look at Salina (think I had it on my shortlist but discounted it for some reason).

Thanks again. Now all I need is an extra few days in the week!!



Hey there,

Welcome to the world of Unbounce. As you can see, there are a bunch of helpful folks here.

I think Hristian hit the nail on the head when it comes to design and layout of your page. With some subtle changes that he suggested, you will have a very sharp-looking page in no time.

I would only add that sometimes, we look at the page design and think that it alone will improve our conversions, when in reality, it’s the offer that is the problem.

Not sure if you’re running any other offers than the property search offer that is outlined on the page above, but I would suggest testing a few different ones if you’re not doing so already.

I work with a few realtors here in the United States, so it’s a different market, but here what works pretty well is offering to do a “free home value estimate.” Now granted, this is an offer more ideally suited for people looking to sell their home than buy their home, but the logic follows that if they are interested in selling, the would also likely be interested in buying another home.

Another offer that works well in certain markets here is a “free list of recent foreclosures” or a “home buyer’s guide” or “home seller’s guide.”

The point being, by giving people something up front, you’re increasing the perceived value on the page, and making the decision to opt-in an easier one. Just a thought.

Looking forward to chatting with you here on the forums!


Thanks Nicolas and yes, I’ve been stunned by how much support I’ve had. Clearly a very active forum, which is fabulous.

At this stage I’m looking to get my basic message across, which is what I’ve been struggling to do with my main site.

What I offer is a bit of a hybrid service - not quite an estate agency and not quite a full on search agent. So I’m hoping I can create single action pages that not only explains clearly and simply the benefits of using our services but also makes it easier for potential clients know what to do next. Which in this case is to tell me what they’re looking for, so I can send them a selection of properties to consider viewing. Once I get them that far its easier for them to see the added benefit of our services but its that first step I need to make easier for them to take.

I agree that offers are good, I’ve created a sellers guide and have written lots of blogs with information for buyers but I just don’t do too much with the information, other than post it and maybe make a bit of a feature on Facebook and that’s it. So thanks for reminding me that this has a value and I could use it far more strategically going forward.

Thanks for your very helpful suggestions.