AdWord & Dynamic Text Replacement



I want to give DTR a try, but we have tons of adgroups and it wouldn’t be possible to manually modify the urls on all of them. Is there a way to dynamically pass the ad text from adwords to unbounce?

If not:

Since we can pass the creative id in adwords, I’m thinking there must be a way to match it with the ad copy. I’m thinking:

  1. Load up all ad copies (just the 2 headlines for each ad) into an unbounce page. This will be done by loading up a json file or javascript array that includes creativeid->copy.
  2. Have urls in AdWords include creative id at the account level.
  3. Once request hits unbouce, ad creative id is looked up from the file loaded in step 1.

Problem is, I don’t see a way to programmatically update that file i step 1. I would have to manually, export all ads into json/js format and upload it into the unbounce through the script manager at the domain level. I’m thinking maybe this could be done through google tag manager if not directly with unbounce?

Another way would be to have an inbetween service that gets the request then forwards an updated url to unbounce, but I would hate to have my visitors wait that extra second.

Yet another way, not sure if possible though, have an adwords script go through all my ad urls in adwords and add parameters to them with ad copy.

Is there something like this already attempted by you guys before I give it a try?


Hey @nkabbara - have you seen the documentation on using keyword insertion? This might help. Let me know if it does!


Hi @Stefano. I have, but we don’t use those type of ads because a lot of our adgroups are long tail-ish.