Adding UTM parameters to landing page hosted on my domain

I’ve created a Facebook ad directing people to my Unbounce landing page that’s hosted on my own domain.
I realized after I got the ad up and running that I don’t have any way of tracking who is actually signing up via my ad, so I need to set up the UTM parameters for this.

I’m a bit confused as to whether or not the instructions found here will work if my landing page is hosted on my own domain:

(Which would make the link that I use for my FB ad this: )

And then do I still need to set up the hidden field using these instructions in the subsequent page:

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ctseibels,

Yes to both your questions.

You need to add the UTM parameters to your URL and after that adjust the from to have hidden fields for these parameters.

As long as you are using Unbounce, the form would pickup the UTM parameters and record them along with the other fields in your form.


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Yep Hristian is right on this one! You can also setup Google Analytics to traffic source and other data such as event tracking and demographics.

Here’s how to do it with Unbounce:

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Thanks so much Hristian! I appreciate your answer and will do this now!