Accepting payments and firing facebook tracking pixel


Is there a solution to allows visitors to buy something on your page and then have it fire the facebook tracking pixel upon completion of the purchase (eg: the pixel is a conversion pixel).

right now using a paypal button, sends the user outside your site and then at the end of the transaction, the user has to either wait to get redirected (eg: doesnt close the page) or clicks the redirect link. often the user will not click the link or will close the page before being sent back to the vendor’s thank you page.



Hey Hans!

I just want to be sure I’m understanding correctly, you’re wanting to ensure that users are redirected to your Thank You page after they’ve made their purchase?

Is there a discrepancy between your conversion rate and the amount that has been purchased through your PayPal account?

Let me know, I’ll keep an eye out for your response :relaxed:


No my big issue is that customers don’t aways stay around long enough for
the redirect to the thank you page.
My thank you page had my facebook conversion pixel. I want facebook to
optimize for people that convert, but it can’t do that if the pixel doesnt
get fired after a purchase.

So I am looking for a solution that doesnt require the user to leave my
unbounce page (that is great for reducing clicks) but that also
automatically fires the facebook pixel upon completion of a transaction.

This is a critical deal killer for me. I’m evaluating other platforms
right now and I will move off of unbounce and rebuild my site from scratch
if i can find this functionality elsewhere.



Hi @hans,

Your issue is not with Unbounce but rather with your chosen payment processor - PayPal.

You can’t add pixels to the PayPal checkout so you have to look into other platforms and payment processors that do allow more customization.

Here are a few that you can research:

  • Stripe (it’s just a payment processor and you need a backend script to actually initiate the charge)

  • Gumroad - I pretty decent package (payment, delivery of digital files, etc.)

  • Shopify - A full blown eCommerce solution but they also offer a “payment button” that you can embed and keep everything on your site