A/B Test Reporting - Mobile VS Desktop


Wondering if I missed this somewhere?

We have a specific split test running on mobile page version only (desktop is the same). Is there any way in the unbounce conversion rate chart to filter between mobile and desktop results/data?

It would be great if we could isolate the conversions for mobile (or desktop) testing right here in unbounce.

I work with local clients. Knowing how important mobile is these days (for conversions), being able to test and see results for each device would be fantastic.


Hey Christian!

There is no way to view this data within the current Unbounce UI. You could capture device information via your forms through a tracking template in your ad URL options, but if you have Google Analytics set up, you should be able to visualize all your data there.


I figured as much. Thought I’d lob it out into the community just in case it slipped by me.

Would be a nice feature though IMO. :slight_smile:


No sweat!

I agree with you. Would be great to see some of that high level data directly in the UI.