2.5 Bn people can’t afford Internet access. Need your feedback on our landing mockup

Hi, we are building https://giveinternet.org/ a nonprofit platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly internet fees and devices for underprivileged high-school students living in refugee camps and rural areas. Please give the most honest feedback possible on our new landing page mockup - https://gofile.io/d/kyZUnx

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Hi George,

Happy to provide a little feedback here. I’ll start with what I love:


  • I really like the disclaimer in the form that says “No spam! Just one email to let you know we’ve launched”, that sets expectations and looks like a very quick and easy form (not sure if it’s a multi-step form or not).
  • You’ve done well to have the one CTA throughout the page to give your email. Nice and consistent!
  • I love the way the page breaks down the “what” “why” and “who” so well. It immediately answers my biggest questions with no friction at all.

I don’t have a ton of constructive feedback here but here’s what I’d experiment with:

:lab_coat: :test_tube:

  • It isn’t very clear who I’m helping by signing up. Is there a specific region that this organization is supporting? The more specific you can be here the more willing your visitors may be to get involved.
  • Are there previous initiatives that this organization has been involved in to add a bit of legitimacy and trust for your viewers?

I’d start with that and maybe run some A/B tests to see how things perform.

Good luck with this, it looks like a terrific initiative!



Hey @Jibla,

A very nice page with good information on it (I love the inbuilt calculator)!
Beyond @Jess’s feedback, there are a few few things that come to mind, some of which may already be implemented in a live version, but here goes:

  • Sticky Header - It’s a big page and having some form of sticky CTA will help users convert however deep they are.

  • Details on the How - When it comes to topics like this the HOW is so important, does being provided with a laptop just cause these kids to become targets for crime in their area for example. Explaining how you have thought about and predicted such issues can go a long way in instilling confidence.

  • Collapsible Section - You’ve got a lot of information on there already, but you may consider using an accordion to get the above data in without extending the page length too much - you can find some great scripts on these forums for doing as such.

  • Typos - Just a general content check make sure the language is clear, smooth and professional.

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Hey Jess,

Thank you so much for the amazing feedback! Agree, we’ll have to be more specific. We are running a local (Georgian) nonprofit charte.ge where we have connected 700+ students with the help of 1900+ monthly online donors. Now we are working to build an international version GiveInternet.org and first geographies will be Lebanon (refugee camps) and South Africa.
AB tests are definitely on our list. Thanks a lot!

Btw here is our monthly transparency we send every month to our donors https://bit.ly/2Wf5ycY


Hey Josh, thanks for the great feedback!
-Yes we’ll definitely fix the header
-To be honest, never thought about this certain issue that students might become targets for crime. very good point. Right now we are working with local educational nonprofits on the ground who are running educational programs in those communities, so we’ll definitely discuss these issues with them.

  • Agree, will shrink some content
  • Yes, these are not the final texts

Thanks a lot!