New in Unbounce Labs—your AI-powered A/B testing analyzer

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New in Unbounce Labs—your AI-powered A/B testing analyzer

You’re short on time and looking to get better results from your A/B tests as quickly as possible. Making sure your experiments are set up properly is one thing. Analyzing your results and building on them is another. Why not let an AI tool do some of the work for you?

Introducing AI A/B test insights. Activate this Alpha tool in your account to generate an automated report which includes:

  • Inspecting the set-up of your A/B test

  • Examining overall and variant-specific performance

  • Providing recommendations for your next experiment

You can turn on this feature in the Unbounce Labs section of your dashboard. Please note if you’re using multiple client folders, you’ll have to activate AI A/B test insights within each one. 

Once activated, you’ll see the option to generate an AI analysis when you open up a page overview with A/B testing turned on. Check out this 3-minute walkthrough video to see an example: 


Once you’ve tried it, send us your feedback right here! And stay tuned for more experiments, feature concepts, and early-stage products. 


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