Form Colour not changing when published

  • 25 January 2024
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The form colour on edit mode is changed to all white but on preview and live it still shows the default transparent with black borders that blends in with the background. Even after changing all the settings to white, it shows fine on edit more but in preview and live versions the colour is not changed. Can you please help, we tried everything within the given customization options?  

1 reply

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Hi @taronish_dastoor

There might be a few reasons for this:

- You are looking at a different variant. Sometimes if you have more than 1 variant, you might not be loading the variant you’ve made changes to. Or if the new variant doesn’t have any weight added to it Unbounce would automatically load the variant with weight (%) to it.
[SOLUTION] Check you are loading the right variant and/or add weight to the new variant if you have one. 

- You might have CSS that is impacting the changes you’ve made.
[SOLUTION] Check your CSS styles and rule out impact by any custom code. Including something you might be loading from an outside source (GTM, etc.) 

- Last but not least, if you are running a WordPress instance you might have a caching plug-in that takes a while to update and hence serving you an “older” version of the page.
[SOLUTION] Make a copy of the page and publish to the unbouncepages domain you have available. This would eliminate any dependencies on your own server. 

Usually it’s one of these 3 reasons above. 

If you’ve ruled out all of the above, feel free to post a link to the actual live page and I’m sure the community here can help you figure it out.