Watch—Run landing page A/B tests with ease (Webinar)

  • 23 January 2024
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Watch—Run landing page A/B tests with ease (Webinar)
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We get it—creating a high-converting landing page can feel like you’re Indiana Jones on a quest through the digital jungle. You’re juggling limited marketing resources, overly complex tools, and opinions on what will convert from every corner of the office. A/B testing offers a data-driven path to higher conversions, yet it's often mistaken as the villain with a reputation for bringing more barriers than benefits. 

But here's the good news: when done right, A/B testing can become your simple (yet effective) secret weapon for better performance (because smarter marketing relies on data, not opinions or gut feelings). 

Watch our latest webinar with Alex Nazarevich, Unbounce’s VP of Growth Marketing and CRO wizard, to discover the secrets to effortless landing page A/B testing and get on the fastest track to higher-performing campaigns. 


Here’s a preview of what we covered in the session:

  • The importance of A/B testing: Discover why A/B testing should be an essential part of your landing page strategy.

  • Expert best practices: Explore actionable tips and insights from CRO expert, Alex Nazarevich, to A/B test your landing pages for better performance.

  • Customer success story: Learn how Unbounce customer,, improved their paid media conversion rate by +104% through strategic experimentation.

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