Watch—Launch your holiday promo in minutes (live demo)

  • 23 October 2023
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Watch—Launch your holiday promo in minutes (live demo)
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Need to get your year-end campaigns live—like ASAP?

What if we told you that your campaign can be online generating leads, clicks, and sales within minutes using Unbounce’s Smart Builder

Watch our live demo session and see how we build and launch a Black Friday campaign in 30 minutes using Unbounce’s Smart Builder. Why stop there? Build along with us!


Here’s a preview of what we covered in the session:

  1. How to build seasonal landing page campaigns—quick.

  2. How to style your landing page in record time to match your brand guide—and ensure it translates across all screen sizes.

  3. How to kickstart your optimization strategy with landing page variants created with the click of a button.


Watch the recording: 


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