Stuck between builders? Start with these recommended use cases

Stuck between builders? Start with these recommended use cases
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If you’re about to create a new landing page and wondering if you should use Classic Builder or Smart Builder then I’ve got some recommendations for you. Some great customer examples I’ve seen for Smart Builder are:

  • A one-time registration page for a conference

  • A recyclable onboarding page for new users

  • Shoppable product pages using the Stripe and Shopify apps

  • Testing demand for a new product concept with the PreProduct app

In short, Smart Builder is the right option if you want to get a simple landing page up and running fast using templated sections, full page copy generation, and drag-and-drop apps. If you’re looking for full control with custom scripts or pixel-perfect layout control for your in-house designer then Classic Builder is your best fit.

Prefer to see each builder side by side? Check out this video walkthrough:

Looking to try Smart Builder for your next campaign? Get started right here

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And shoutout to @phildilello for this great comparison video 🙌🏻

Is it possible to switch to Classic Builder after a page has been created using the Smart Builder?

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You can not port a Smart Builder page to the Classic Builder as they are built on completely different platforms.

Thanks for reaching out!