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  • 23 February 2024
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Hi I’m hoping to reduce my page speed as much as is humanly possible. I’m doing all (most?) of the basics like using small image files, not numerous fonts etc. I know Unbounce also does a fair bit in the background re page speed. But are there any things I could be doing to give it an extra speed boost? Can I do anything special with my domain hosting for example? Or is there a service I can sign up to that takes the page speed to the highest level? FYI I’m using Unbounce, with a single imported Google Font, and I have an embedded form by LeadsHook.

Thanks for any help folks!


4 replies

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Hi @stevem77

As you said, Unbounce is doing a lot in the backend to make sure your pages are served as fast as possible. 

Having said that and based on your post: 

- Use SVGs where possible

- Make sure the Google Font is served through their CDN and not from your own server

- If possible limit the number of scripts/pixels that you are firing on page load 

- I haven’t used LeadsHook but generally speaking 3rd parties can add to your page load time depending on how they load their scripts

What does your Google Page Speed Insight report looks like? 

It can show you where it might be possible to squeeze a few more milliseconds.  


Thanks so much for your help Hristian. My page speed insights looks like this for mobile:

The performance is 91 on desktop. 

Here’s the performance breakdown:

Also is there a way of knowing whether the Google Font is served through their CDN and not from my own server? I’ve got it loaded in the Unbounce page and the Leadshook form.


Thanks again,


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Well if you uploaded fonts to your server you would know :) So I assume, the font is coming from Google. 

Just below what you’ve screenshotted, you’ll have a list of potential fixes. 

Most you can’t do much about but go through the list and make sure you update/edit whatever is possible. 



Thanks again Hristian, really appreciate you taking the time.