Pass Data to Hidden Form Field from Pop-up Trigger?

  • 28 November 2023
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Hi there,

I have a geo-targeted pop-up and would like to pass data to a hidden form field that is consistent across all of our landing pages. The logic I’m trying to use would be this:

  1. Pop-up or sticky bar fires based on user’s location
  2. That pop-up or sticky bar loading triggers data to be added to a hidden field on the landing page’s form
  3. On form fill, that hidden data gets passed along and I’m able to filter those specific leads automatically

Is there a way that I can pass data automatically to that hidden form regardless of the user’s interaction or lack thereof with the sticky bar or pop-up? Essentially, if Unbounce decides to fire that bar/pop-up, I want the hidden field to read TRUE.

1 reply

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Yes, you can pass/record information based on the popup state but it’s a bit tricky (if we are talking about an Unbounce popup/stickybar) since they load as iFrames.

The idea would be similar to what I posted in regards to this question here in the community.