Is it possible to have only a few pages of my website created and hosted with Unbounce?

  • 17 January 2024
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Let’s say I have a dynamic SaaS website – I do not want to play and host my own CMS to create and host my static pages. Is it possible to create and host a few static pages of my website on Unbounce?
For example pages like these: 1 1


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Hey @Mr_Bo

If you have WordPress running on the main domain (, you can create pages like in your example under the main domain. 

However, if your domain is running on something else, you would need to set up a subdomain to use Unbounce ( 

The only other option would be to set up reverse proxy and than you can create/route whatever pages you want from/through Unbounce. Reverse proxies are not officially supported by Unbounce and I would strongly advice against it unless you know what you are doing.  


I have domain on something else. I am ok to serve pages from subdomain. Is it common practice to serve Unbounce pages from subdomain? How is it going to impact SEO?

Hi bro!

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Hi @Mr_Bo

99.99% of users not using WordPress are serving pages through a subdomain.

In fact, all 3rd party page builders and not just Unbounce rely on subdomains to serve pages.

Pages on subdomains can be indexed by Google if you toggle the little switch inside the builder for a particular page or you can chose to have the page “hidden” and it won’t be indexed. 

It’s not ideal as far as SEO optimization goes but it is what it is.