Google Tag Manager User-Provided Variables in Thank You Page


Is it possible to capture and input form field variables on a separate Thank You page URL for Google Tag Manager to set up Enhanced Conversions?

My current flow is Landing Page » Thank You Page (separate Unbounce page and URL) so I can pass form entries to the Thank You Page URL for categorizing Google Ads conversions. According to Google Ads, if the Thank You page has some User-Provided Variables that Google can capture with a tag in Google Tag Manager (email, name, phone number, address, etc.), these can be captured for Enhanced Conversions.

The guides I see online now pass URL parameters to form fields (ie. coupon codes or pre-filled email address), but it’d be best to have the entries printed to the page for Google to capture.

Or is there a more efficient way to be doing this through scripts?

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Yes, it is definitely possible to capture and input form field variables on a separate thank-you page URL for Google Tag Manager to set up Enhanced Conversions. There are two main approaches you can take:

1. Automatic Enhanced Conversions:

This method is easier to implement but provides limited data options. Google Tag Manager offers an "Automatic Enhanced Conversions" tag that automatically captures certain user information like email and phone number from form fields. However, it only works with specific form structures and might not capture all your desired fields.

2. User-Provided Data Event:

This method gives you more control over what data you capture and offers greater flexibility. You can create a "Google Ads User-Provided Data Event" tag triggered on the Thank You page and use custom JavaScript to extract specific form field values. These values can then be sent to Google Ads along with your conversion tracking data.

Here are some resources to help you implement either approach:

Additional considerations:

  • Make sure you comply with Google Ads' data privacy policies when capturing user information.
  • Always test your implementation thoroughly before making it live.
  • Depending on your website's complexity, you might need help from a developer to implement the custom JavaScript for more advanced scenarios.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi @thepollackgroup! Thanks for reaching out with your question.


Just so I understand correctly, you’re hoping to input the responses from the customer’s form submission as copy onto the Thank You Page? If so, this could be done natively within Unbounce using our forms and the Dynamic Text Replacement feature. 


First off, build your form on the original Landing Page. Under where you add the URL of your Thank You Page, select “Append form data to URL” (see screenshot 1). This will add all your form data into the URL of the Thank You Page automatically and act as a parameter for us to add the copy onto your Thank You Page dynamically.

From there, go to your Thank You Page in Unbounce and add the Dynamic Text Replacement feature onto the language you’re hoping to change based on the responses of your form. The parameter in which you’re looking for will be “Field Name and ID” which you can find in your Form Builder from your Landing Page (see screenshot 2). 

Below I’ve provided a link to my test Landing Page and Thank You Page. You’ll notice if you click on the Thank You Page separately the text will read “Hey You From Wherever.” However if you fill out the form on my Landing Page, you will be directed to the Thank You Page with the responses automatically included in the copy.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any additional questions!