Google Displays Website Title as "Untitled" With No Description.

  • 16 November 2023
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Hello, when I go to search my page on google the website title is displayed as “Untitled” with a description that explains java script needs to be enabled (this seems like filler). I have changed the metadata settings including Title, Description, and Keywords but I am not seeing these changed reflected when searching for my site on google. I am also unsure of it is possible to edit the code to edit <head> and change the title. please help. 


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2 replies


Me too! Not sure why. It would be nice if someone from Unbounce could help. 

Best of luck!

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Hi @jamesbnbbud

It’s probably due to the fact that when your page was initially crawled by the Google bots there was no title set. 

Now that you’ve set a title, description, etc. the page needs to be crawled again for it to show up. 

It can take a couple of days to a few weeks for it to happen naturally or you can “force” it if you follow the instructions here