Google Ads Call Forwarding Problem

  • 11 May 2020
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Hey Guys - I’m pulling my hair out here. I made the jump from Instapages to Unbounce about a month ago and it has recently become clear that the Google Call Forwarding isn’t working on my Unbounce pages. It worked like a dream on Insta!

The number dynamically changes on the page when an ad is clicked but when the button or number is clicked then it dials the default number instead of the call forwarding number. This is frustrating as it leaves no footprint of the lead/conversion.

I have attempted to a) install the conversion tracking code to the landing page - Didn’t work. b) install Google Tag Manager and apply the code that way - Didn’t work and then attempt to track events in UA. Again, it didn’t work.

I have contacted Unbounce support but they are stumped.

I’ve read the forums and several people have had this issue in the past.

Am I missing a very simple step that makes the call forwarding number dial and not the default number?

Many Thanks, Ramsay.

9 replies

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Hi Ramsay!

How do you have your numbers set up? Are they buttons, or text?

Do you have the global script for Google Ads on your pages?

I can help you sort this - we’ve been using Unbounce for ages and always have our numbers swap just fine 🙂

Hey mate.

I have been having terrible issues with this problem.

The numbers change without a problem but when the buttons, links etc are clicked it only calls the default number instead of the call forwarding number.

I have tried pretty much everything, to be honest.

I’ve tried it with Tag manager. I’ve tried it with just the call forwarding code. It shouldn’t be this hard. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I’m not particularly technical so I’m not overly sure what script you mean. I have the Google global script that comes with the call forwarding snippet.

My numbers are set up and I have both buttons and text.

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Try adding this code to your landing page javascript, in the head.

  // NOTE: If you want to track these links as conversion goals on Unbounce,
  // change 'clkn' to 'clkg' in the commented areas below
  // Add the button ID's to this array that you want tracked
  // For example: ['#lp-pom-button-12', '#lp-pom-button-20']
   var callButtons = ['#lp-pom-button-92', '#lp-pom-button-177', '#lp-pom-button-151'];
  var ubCallback = function(formatted_number, unformatted_number) {
    var numberLinks = document.getElementsByClassName('number_link');
    var numberTexts = document.getElementsByClassName('number_text');
    // Clickable text number Links
    $(numberLinks).each(function(i, numberLink) {
      // Change clkn to clkg if you are tracking your links as Unbounce conversion goals
      numberLink.href = "clkn/tel/" + unformatted_number;
      numberLink.innerHTML = "";
    // Non-clickable text
    $(numberTexts).each(function(i, numberText) {
      numberText.innerHTML = "";
    // Button numbers
    $(callButtons).each(function(i, callButton) {
      // Change clkn to clkg if you are tracking your links as Unbounce conversion goals
      $(callButton).attr("href", "clkn/tel/" + unformatted_number);
      $(callButton + " span").text(formatted_number);

  _googWcmGet(ubCallback, '514-461-3631')

Make sure to replace “514-461-3631” with your number, and button IDs with your unique buttons.

Let me know if this helps!

Hey Stefano

Thanks for that. I added the code and made all the pertinent changes to numbers and button ids but I still can’t get the button to actually call the call forwarding number. I’m a bit stumped.

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Could you share the URL with me?

Of course. The page is a work in progress and is a bit messy. I’m trying to get this issue resolved prior to going live.

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Can you show me some screenshots of how you set up the tracking number on Google? Feel free to DM it to me. I wonder if it’s the AU number making it a little trickier.

@KlyKDigital Did you manage to work this out at all?

I’m having a very similar issue to you. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi all 👋

I added a step-by-step guide here: