Even after SEO, my landing page is not visible throught organic search. Any advice?

As i was organic searching my landing page, I found out it is not visible at all. I wasn’t even find it among the results on 2nd google page. It’s strange because:
a) i set all the meta data
b) i have the option “hide your page from search engines” disabled
c) there are no titles nor subtitles defined as


d) i have used different browsers and got my cache & cookies removed.

Do you have any advice on how to solve this problem?

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I have the exact same problem, my domain http://www.catomarketing.co.uk/ doesn’t show either.

Hey Daniel,

you’re right. Even when i searched for “cato marketing” as two different keywords, nothing related to your page showed up. Hopefully we will be able to figure this out, since it’s really important.

The landing page i’m having the problem with:

Hi Daniel,

Your site is indexed and listed in Google, run a search in google for site:catomarketing.co.uk and you will see your page listed. 

You have very little content on your page, you really shouldn’t expect to get ranked for any keywords or terms apart from maybe your own company name.

Hope that helps,



Hi Matej,

Can you supply the URL that you’re having trouble getting indexed please and I’ll take a look for you.



Hello Stuart, 

This is the page I’m having problem with:


Hi Matej,

You have 3 url listings currently active in Googles index of which only the first one works, the other two bring up error messages.


*** These are broken and bring up an error message which says. “We’re sorry, but the link you followed appears to be invalid.” ***



If you’re not ranking for certain keywords or search terms that you’re expecting then that’s something that can be worked on, but the good news is you are being indexed. You just need to work on increasing the visibility of your pages.

I hope that helps a little, feel free to pick my brains about seo etc, it lets my inner geek out to play in happy fields of sunflowers!



Thanks for notifying me Stuart!

I was’t aware of these links and they will be corrected. Anyway, we found out the problem why the landing page is not shown, is because Unbounce hasn’t updated our meta data settings even after the landing page has been republished several times. Do you know by any chance why?

Hmmmmm, there was a meta description in the page indexed already, I know because I checked for the displayed serps listing in the content to see if it was auto generated by google or custom entered. Maybe it was a cache issue? 

Bear in mind Meta keywords are rarely used (if at all anymore), the only things that count are meta description and meta title, but even these would be automatically generated by google if they were left blank. 

Anyway as long as your page is indexed which it is, then you can work on your search terms. 

Have fun and good luck.



Dear Stuart,

The problem is that we updated the title tag with the new one on Friday, but Google still shows us the old one. Would you perhaps know how to speed up the process and ensure the new title tag and meta description are being visualized?

Thank you

Normally I’d recommend adding a sitemap.xml file to the root directory which specifies an update frequency of daily or twice daily, this should encourage googlebot to crawl it often enough to keep it updated and you can manually submit the sitemap in webmaster tools to ensure it’s indexed. Since unbounce doesn’t yet support sitemap.xml files you will need to do this slightly differently.

In Google webmaster tools there is an option to “fetch as googlebot” you’ll need to choose the “Fetch & Render” option, ensure that there are minimal/no blocks to rendering then when it’s finished there will be a button that says “Submit to Index”, which will allow you to request google to crawl that page and refresh its contents.

Here is a link to Googles own step by step guide on how to accomplish this.


Then you’ll just need to hope that it happens fairly swiftly and they don’t keep you waiting. 

Tip: If you have other websites that are frequently crawled by Googlebot then add a link to your landing page and it should get crawled at the same time, adding multiple links from multiple sites will increase your chances of getting it to happen sooner rather than later. 

I hope that helps a little,



Hi Matej,

Stuart’s spot on.  I’d recommend creating some more content.  Relevant articles, videos and other linkable content can do wonders. 

Best of luck,


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Hi, my two pages sci.widegroup.eu and polizzasci.widegroup.eu are not visible on Google search.
I read all the previous messages, I think I set everything properly, but it’s sill not working.
Can someone help me?