Custom FAQ Dropdown not dynamically expanding to fit on page

  • 8 December 2022
  • 4 replies


I’m working on creating an FAQ section that drops down to individual questions. However, when click it to expand it doesnt dynamically fit on the page. Anyone out there with the knowledge to adjust?


Page Link:

4 replies

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Hello there @klesatp! I can’t promise I can assist but I’ll certainly take a look.


It seems as though the URL you provided is not an active page. Can you send me the updated URL to the page?



Hi @phildilello - after some late night trial and error I was able to get it to work. Really appreciate you reaching out! 

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Ah glad to hear!! Do you think it would be valuable to share here regardless in case it would help a future Unbounce user? I can give it a test myself to see if it can be applied to other workarounds as well.


You can also send me the link to the Unbounce Edit if you don’t want to send the live page and skew your stats.


Let me know!



HI there, I came across the same problem and was wondering how you managed to fix the problem. Would really appreciate if you shared your solution.

Thank you!